About Texas.gov

As the official website of the State of Texas, Texas.gov is a completely self-funded program. It is provided without appropriated funds per legislative requirements and is funded, instead, on a per-transaction basis. Texas.gov is a collaborative, public/private partnership between the State and Texas NICUSA, LLC, an Austin-based company.

Texas.gov offers an easy, convenient way for Texans to access more than 1,000 online state and local government services such as Vehicle Registration Renewal, Driver License Renewal, Birth Certificate Orders, and more.

Texas.gov also empowers state and local government to streamline business processes, improve cost savings, and operate more efficiently by offering online services to their constituents. We currently serve more than 240 state agencies and local governments.

Texas.gov is powered by a team of 100+ professionals that provide Texas government with efficient, cost-effective ways to develop and maintain online services for all Texans.

Since inception, Texas.gov has*:

  • Securely processed more than 187 million transactions
  • Collected more than $27 billion in state and local revenue
  • Contributed more than $141 million in new revenue to the State’s General Revenue Fund

*Through January 29, 2013

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